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Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

I couldn't have planned a better weekend with my family.  We had some great quality family time and lots of relaxation and FOOD!  
We started our weekend with grilling steaks on Friday night.  Then we went to David Jackson Park to burn off all the calories we just inhaled.  I'm pretty sure Bradley burned twice as many calories as we did since he ran most of the trail.
My favorite guys in the world!
Free gun show!  :)
On Saturday morning we hit jackpot at garage sales.  There were a TON of sales and several community sales.  My favorite purchases were a $3 baseball helmet and 10 cent children's books...LOTS of children books!  I had an afternoon massage while Mike worked on his online classes and Brad took a nap.  On Saturday evening we went to Bad Daddy's Burger Bar and we had a great first time experience.  We then checked out the new Cabela's that opened a couple weeks ago.  Bradley was pretty impressed with the fish tank.  We ended the night with frozen yogurt at Yogurtini
I'm pretty sure he will make the cutest baseball player there ever was.

I love this little guy!

A very impressive fish tank at Cabella's.

Our first experience at Yogurtini!  We loved it.
We had an incredible church service on Sunday morning.  God spoke directly to me on becoming a more cheerful giver.  He has given me so much, so what is holding me back from being a cheerful giver?  Not giving expecting something in return.  Not giving because I have to.  Not giving to get recognition.  But giving because I am excited to give back what God has blessed me with.  We ate at Panera Bread for lunch.  Bradley can inhale some cheddar broccoli soup and mac & cheese!  A nice afternoon nap and then back to church for a special prayer service that evening.  It was a great way to reflect on how God spoke to me that morning.  I'm so thankful for RBC, our pastor and staff!  We ended the night with relaxing on the front porch playing checkers!  I love my family and I'm so thankful for the wonderful, relaxing weekend God gave to us.

Huge bite of bread dipped in cheddar broccoli soup!

 Bradley made up his own rules when it was his turn to play. 
It was hilarious!

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