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Monday, April 14, 2014

My Song for the Day - From the Inside Out by Hillsong

 The other day I made a cake and it stuck really BAD to the pan.  I didn't have enough time to make another one so I figured I would decorate it nicely with bright, cheerful icing so no one would ever know the difference.  They wouldn't see underneath the icing anyway.   
How many times have I done something without the right attitude but I didn't care because people would only see the good works and not my attitude?  How many times have I been more consumed with what someone thought about me but never cared that Jesus was only looking at my heart?  How many times have I put on a happy face but inside I was fuming with jealousy or bitterness?
I love this song, From the Inside Out, because it's a beautiful prayer to God asking Him to take my ugliness that escapes within me and make my life glorifying to Him alone.  I don't have to put on a show so my life looks perfect on the outside...God only cares about my inside heart and soul.  If that is in the right place, my outward appearance will shine for Jesus.  And that is what He wants from me.

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  1. What a great reminder. You are beautiful both inside and out Ash! We all struggle, have scars, and it is difficult to allow people to see what is in our heart because it makes us more vulnerable to being hurt. So thankful for you my friend! I have to admit that cake tasted AMAZING too!!! :)