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Friday, April 11, 2014

Earth Fare, CVS, Ingles, and Walmart Groceries for Week of April 6th - 12th

Another week with lots of grocery stops and I stayed so close to my $150 weekly budget! 
CVS Trip - I spent a total of $25.27 out of pocket and saved $29.76 and received $12 back in ECB's.  I'm hoping this is my last time buying diapers for a very long time!  I bought 2 packages for a friend that recently had a baby and the other 2 packages are for Shane.  He will be placed with a relative in the next couple of weeks.  Bradley is fully potty trained now so hopefully we can have a break from the expense of diapers.  The Mickey Mouse cup was a special surprise for Bradley.  He loves Mickey Mouse and he's searched the "cup bin" at CVS many times and they are always out of Mickey.  Today this cup was sitting right on top like it was waiting for him.  He was so excited especially since he will be meeting Mickey Mouse in person very soon!!

Earth Fare Trip #1 - My total was $34.12 and I saved $14.21.  The tortilla strips was the free item of the week and I loved this brand! 

Earth Fare Trip #2 - My total was $34.95 and I saved $2.99.  The all-natural turkey bacon was on sale for $1 with $5 purchase so that will be a nice treat with breakfast in the morning.  A little break in the milk consumption will be nice too!  I may finally keep my groceries under budget in a couple of weeks.

Ingles - My total was $49.24 and I saved $8.81.  The Stonyfield yogurt was on sale 10/$5 but some of the containers came up 98 cents.  I'm going to try and find time to take my receipt back and get about $4 back.  They had a great deal on Harvest Farms pork ribs that were on clearance.  The Dunkin Donuts creamer is a new item that is out and it was on sale and I had a coupon.  The crazy thing about this creamer is the non-sweetened had a bunch of nasty oils in it and the regular creamer had corn syrup in it.  I choose the extra creamy, extra sweet creamer which only had cream and sugar in it.  I'll take the sugar over corn syrup.

Walmart - I spent a total of $10.41.  The snickers bar was free with a coupon I got in the mail and the containers and green beans are for a meal I'm bringing a friend tonight.
My total spent this week was $153.99 and hopefully with the error at Ingles, I'll get $4 back which will make me right on target this week.

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