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Friday, April 4, 2014

CVS, Ingles, Earth Fare, and Happy Cow Purchases Week of March 30 - April 5

I went over my $150 weekly grocery budget this week.  I hate that but we had way too much going on this week and things just happen.
Happy Cow Creamery - Spent $58.04.  I made the trip to Happy Cow this week since Bradley and I are huge fans of their cottage cheese and Earth Fare only sells their milk and butter.  The cottage cheese and cheese curds were an extra special treat this week.  Extra Mozzarella cheese for  homemade pizza with friends tonight!
Earth Fare - I spent a total of $28.01 and saved $9.90.  The most embarrassing thing happened to me on this trip.  I was walking out of the store and I hear a lady saying, "Lady, did you pay for your groceries?"  And of course everyone stopped to look at me, the thief, who was stealing groceries.  I realized I had swiped my debit card but forgot to finish answering the last question on the screen which didn't finalize the transaction.  As I go back to fix the mistake, the bag lady says, "I'm not sure how Moms get anything done with kids".  If only she knew how beautiful life can be with children.  I may not get a lot accomplished but I'm learning to love life more by viewing it through my children.  Life is so simple for them and they take time to appreciate the little things. 
Costco - We just had to pick up two items for Growth Group supper and one item for breakfast on Saturday.  We are having our annual extended family Garage Sale on Saturday and Mike has a tradition of making sausage biscuits and egg & cheese biscuits for everyone.  Pillsbury makes it easy on him by offering delicious pre-made biscuits that can just be popped in the oven and ready in about 15 minutes.  My total spent was $33.08.
CVS - I spent a total of $11.87 and saved $23.07 and received $5 back in ECB's.  Getting my quarterly ECB's and my Health & Beauty ECB's this week helped keeping my out of pocket costs down.  And thanks to Mimi for the gift card, I didn't have to actually spend anything out of pocket.
Ingles - I spent a total of $38.97 and saved $19.01.  A couple extra items were bought to make yummy pizzas with friends tonight.  And they had a great sale on paper plates (Dixie plates 2/$7) and I always need paper products for Growth Group on Sunday nights.
So my total for this week was $169.97 which is $19.97 over budget.  I added up the items that were bought for either Growth Group supper or company this week and the total was $58.51.  So when you put those extras in, going over $20 isn't too bad.

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