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Friday, April 18, 2014

Costco, Ingles, CVS, Staples, and Old Tyme Country Store Sales Week of April 13-19

This trip to Costco was primarily to pick up supper items for Growth Group.  We had a cookout on Sunday evening and I grilled hot dogs while everyone else brought sides.  I'm pretty sure everyone in our GG can cook!  We always have the best food.  :) 
My total was $39.61.

My total at Ingles was $41.75 and I saved $30.73.  Most of the snack items I'm putting back for our vacation in May.  It will be here before I know it!

I needed more milk and cheese but I didn't feel like going to Earth Fare (it's only a 20 minute drive) or Happy Cow Creamery (that's more like 45 minutes) so I stopped at The Old Tyme Country Store that is right up the road.  They carry the Happy Cow Products. I know to some of you 20 or 45 minutes would be nice.  But I'm extremely spoiled with a huge variety of stores within one mile from me.   My total was $40.48.  All their items are anywhere from $1-3 higher than going to the Farm but once you take in consideration gas mileage to the Farm, it ended up being about the same price if not saving a little bit. 

This was a fun trip to CVS.  I spent a whopping 12 cents and I saved $37.44 and I received $3.49 back in ECB's.  I used $12 in ECB's on this transaction and $5/$15 CVS coupon along with $8 in manufacturer's coupons.

Staples had these markers Free after Rebate and the Go Fish cards were on clearance.  These will be great items in Bradley's Easter basket.  My total was only $2.64 because I used a $4 Staples ink recycling rebate.  And I'll get $4 back from this purchase once the markers rebate comes in the mail.

One quick stop into Ingles last night to pick up potatoes.  I got off easy this year by just having to bring mashed potatoes to Easter lunch.  The organic potatoes were on clearance for $2.99.  I used a Free coupon for the Purex No Sort and 50 cent coupon on the creamer.  My total was $5.21 and I saved $4.98.
I made one quick stop to the Costco in Spartanburg for sour cream.  A group of ladies from church will be feeding tacos to the homeless on Saturday and my item to bring was sour cream.  I spent $8.98.  I chose the Spartanburg store because I did a quick mystery shop while I was there.  It didn't take me more than 30 minutes and I earned $15 for doing it!
My total grocery bill was $138.79  I'm so happy that I stayed under my $150 weekly budget!  

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