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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Horsecreek Honey Farms & Limestone Farms

I'm all about buying food from local farmers.  Not only is the food so much better than what you buy in a grocery store, but it's so much fun building relationships  and supporting local farmers.   I've been a huge fan of Limestone Farms for several years now. Farmer Chris and his wife Teri are some of the sweetest, down to earth people you will ever meet.   Their chickens can produce the most delicious eggs!  I purchased a pound of veal stew meat last Saturday and it was my first time trying veal.  I loved how tender it was!  I made their recipe for veal stew this past weekend it was delicious!  Pour a big scoopful over jasmine rice and it's a perfect meal.  For Greenville locals:  you can purchase their eggs from Whole Foods on Woodruff Road or from The Grain Loft.  You can purchase their veal from Swamp Rabbit CafĂ© & Grocery. 
I was also recently introduced to Horsecreek Honey Farms through The Grain Loft.  I bought some vanilla infused honey and I wish I could send everyone a sample of it.  I've never had honey that was so smooth and sweet.  The vanilla added an amazing flavor to the honey. A spoonful of honey helps with any sugar cravings that only a "Mama going through the toddler potty training stage" needs!  I'm going to try using it in some cinnamon rolls later this week instead of sugar!  You can purchase their honey in several local places.  Click here to see the listings.

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