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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Earth Fare, Ingles, and Publix Grocery Sales Week of March 2 - 8

Oh my gosh!  I was so close to being at my $150 weekly grocery budget goal.  My grand total hit $153.88 and I totally blame it on myself for not reading a sign correctly at Earth Fare.  I thought I read where some bath salts were 37 cents an ounce.  Turns out they were a LOT more than that so it cost me $4.32 for a tiny little bag.  I'll just say that purchase was a well needed splurge and I'm sure I will enjoy that extra long soak in the tub.  We had one big event this week which was a cookout at our house to celebrate my MIL's birthday.   I always worry that I will totally blow the budget but each week, I find that God shows out and always put the food I need on sale.  I truly believe in these little blessings that God gives.
I forgot to take a picture of my groceries from Publix.  I made two different transactions so I could use two of my $5 of $40 purchase coupons.  I ended up buying 3 packages of Pepperidge Farm hamburger buns, 2 extra large packages of lean ground beef (93% lean and 7% fat), 2 snickers candy bars (used free coupons), 5 containers of Mayfield ice cream, one loaf of Nature's Own bread, 2 boxes of cereal, one package of blueberry bagels, one tub of cream cheese, 5 pound bag of potatoes, 3 large Vidalia onions, 3 packages of deli cheese.  My total was $77.35 and I saved $33.33.
I'm going to be so sad when my $7 of $30 coupon expires on Sunday at Earth Fare.  It has been a huge blessing to have especially when buying our dairy products.  This trip I spent a total of $26.14 and saved $8.49.
I spent a total of $25.49 at Ingles and saved $21.98.  The Fig Newtons I'm putting back for our extended family trip to Florida in May.  With a total of 13 kids and 7 adults, I'm stocking up now on snack items that go on sale so we will have plenty of food for that week!
My second trip to Earth Fare, I spent a total of $24.90 and saved $8.48.  I was so excited to see Meyers countertop spray on sale and the Burt's Bees diaper cream works WONDERS!  Shane came to us with a very bad diaper rash and that cream cleared up the rash within a day.

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