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Friday, March 14, 2014

Bi-Lo, CVS, Earth Fare, and Ingles Sales Week of March 9 - 15

Whew!  I made a lot of grocery stops this week.  Earth Fare is still running a coupon special which really helps with our milk costs.  Both boys drink a LOT of milk so we have been going through about 3 gallons of milk each week.  Milk and water are our main beverages so I'm not going to compromise on my milk...Happy Cow milk is what we buy and I will pay $4.99 a gallon for it.  I'm a huge endorser of buying dairy from your local farm if you can.
 Earth Fare Trip #1 - I spent a total of $29.53 and saved $13.69.  Shane has really bad allergies and it's hard to find allergy medicine for children under the age of 2.  So I'm trying Newton homeopathics for kids right now and it seems to be helping.  It was $13.29 for 1 fluid ounce but you only give them 3 drops so it should last me awhile.  The chocolate ice cream was free with a $10 purchase so that was a special treat! 

Earth Fare Trip# 2 - my total was $55.96 and I saved $20.34.  After I got home, I realized they only took $7 off instead of $11 with their coupon promotion.  I hate that but $4 was not worth my time to buckle both boys back in the car and make another trip on the other side of town.  Next time I'm in the store, I'll ask if they will credit me the $4.  I was very excited to get 1/2 pound of organic coffee for free!  They were out of the free granola but I'd rather have the coffee anyway.  It's delicious coffee!
CVS Trip #1 - this trip was all diapers and wipes and I spent $24.08, saved $21.50 and received $10 back in ECB's.
CVS Trip #2 - I spent 23 cents out of pocket and saved $21.55.  But I totally blew this transaction by not using the $2 CVS coupon for the candy and I bought the wrong mascara.  There was one kind that would have given me back $6 in ECB's.  Oh well...life goes on and I'm not going to beat myself up over minor mistakes.
BiLo Trip #1 - this was a last minute stop on Sunday for three 2 Liters for Growth Group.  I spent $4.98 and saved 99 cents.  (I didn't have time to take a picture)
BiLo Trip #2 - BI-Lo had an awesome sale on K-cups earlier this week.  All brands were on sale for $5.99 and if you bought 5 boxes, you would receive $5 off your order.  Combining that sale with additional coupons, and I got these k-cups for a steal!  My total was $30.63 and I saved $47.44!!  It makes me feel like Super Woman when I save more than I spend!
Ingles - I should have probably have skipped this stop because it made my weekly grocery budget go over but I was in desperate need for creamer.  I hadn't drank coffee in 2 days because we had been out and I'm addicted to Bailey's French Vanilla.  Milk in coffee just doesn't cut it for me.  There were a couple other items that were on sale that I didn't have the will power to pass up.  My total spent was $12.98 and I saved $8.00.
I spent a total of $158.39 this week so I went over by $8.39. 

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