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Friday, February 21, 2014

Publix, Ingles, Earth Fare, and CVS Deals Week of February 16 - 22

I added a Publix stop this week since I received a $10 off $50 purchase coupon in the mail.  I couldn't pass up $10 savings on groceries!  I went over my grocery budget this week.  I spent a total of $170.43.  Can I blame it on the diapers I had to buy for Bradley?  I'm ready for him to be potty trained!
Publix - $40.70 and saved $31.58.  I took advantage of several of their BOGO specials.  The bacon, orange juice, and strawberries are for Growth Group supper.  We are having breakfast for supper at our next meeting!  I got up to the register to checkout and my total only came to $47 so I had to add in 3 packs of gum as filler items so I could use my coupon.

Ingles - $53.41 and saved $21.94.  Stonyfield yogurt was on sale 10/$5 but they were out of stock on most of the flavors.  I'm hoping Bradley will eat peach and black cherry.  I was very happy the Bailey's coffee creamer was on sale 2/$6 because I was completely out. 
Earth Fare - $43.33 and saved $8.87.  The organic oranges were free with a $10 purchase.  Earth Fare brand organic pasta was on sale 3/$5 and grass fed beef for $5.99 lb.  Skippy All Natural Peanut butter was on sale for $2.67 and organic toaster pastries for $3.  I picked up some King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour to make my own Grape Nuts next week.  Recipe will be posted next week if it turns out!

Bradley LOVES his own grocery cart at Earth Fare and is such a big helper!

CVS - Spent $22.99 and saved $34.16 and received $5 in a CVS gift card and 75 cents in ECB's.  I picked up a pack of Pull-ups and we are going to attempt potty training again next week!  Any comments on how to succeed would  be greatly appreciated!
I had Mimi pick up a gallon of milk and cottage cheese at Happy Cow Creamery when she went earlier this week.  $10 total for those items.  I didn't get a chance to take a picture.
I'm not going to stress over going over my budget this week especially there are items for Growth Group meals on Sunday nights.  $43.89 this week was spent on items just for the meal on Sunday night.  I think feeding 20 people on Sunday night for under $50 is great!

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