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Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

Our weekend began with a trip to the circus!  It was part of J's early birthday present.  He had never been to the circus before so he had no idea what to expect.  J was able to go down front for the pre-circus fun so it blew his mind when the "real circus" actually started.  There were almost too many things for him to process.  Most of the pictures I took were of him so I can't post them all due to his face showing in most of the pictures.  This was Bradley's 2nd time at the circus and the animals are always his favorite part.  He was in awe for the first hour and started getting bored the last hour even though we tried to bribe him with chicken fingers and fries. 
The clown sat right next to J which totally made his day!

I'm pretty sure J is now ready to join the circus as a clown!

Bradley wouldn't sit still long enough for a picture.

I LOVE going to the circus!

Watching the circus through Bradley's and J's eyes was the best part about my day.

The elephants are always the big hit!
I had a massage on Saturday afternoon which was phenomenal.  If I were a millionaire, I would have a massage every day!  Mike made dinner on Saturday night.  Grilled chicken, couscous with red peppers, and kale chips.  It was our first time trying kale chips and J and Mike liked them more than Bradley and I did. 
Church on Sunday morning and then a 2 hour nap for ALL of us on Sunday afternoon.  The weather was gorgeous so I went for a 20 minute walk/run and then we all played outside for an hour.  Mike and J went to the Super Bowl party at church while Bradley and I cuddled on the couch and read about 50 books.  I'm so glad he has a love for books! 
This picture is priceless of my favorite boys!

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