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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Big Snowstorm of 2014

I can finally blog about our Snowstorm with a positive attitude.  24 hours ago, I wasn't feeling so happy.  I'm not a snow girl.  I don't like getting cold.  I'm cranky when I'm stuck in the house for more than 24 hours.  But now that the snow has stopped, the sun is shining, and the snow is melting, I'm feeling like I can breathe again.  The snow started on Tuesday morning and just now stopped.  We had snow, sleet, and freezing rain all in the last 56 hours.  We have watched lots of movies, read an enormous amount of books, and made lots of hot cocoa!  I'm so thankful the electricity stayed on throughout the storm and we had plenty of food in the house. And now for the pictures....
I'll admit the snow does look beautiful coming down.

One of the snow drifts near our back door.

The red cardinals are gorgeous against the snow!

Yes, my sweet boy does have 2 pairs of socks on his hands as mittens.
We Southerners don't have winter outerwear and use what we have.  :)

He's never walked in this much snow before.
Starting to build the snowman.
Bigger and bigger

"It's too big for me to roll now!"

I can't take enough pictures of this boy's cuteness!

Those eyes get me every time.

Making a snowman is so much fun!

Daddy is the best!

Bradley is very happy with his snowman!

Time to make snow angels

I love his facial expression! 
I love this little guy with all my heart!

First time making snow angels!

Sledding down our road

If only to be a kid again...

He's loving the sled!

I think of my Mom with all these beautiful birds.  They have been eating non-stop since the snow started.  I'm going broke feeding them.

Lots of time to play with cars

Movie and popcorn time!
Extra time with Daddy!

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