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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Cow, Walmart, Costco, and Ingles Week of February 9th-15th

I kept all my groceries at $147.10 even if it did mean that I had to skip CVS this week. AND I didn't use one single coupon this week....shocking!!  I'm very happy that I've stuck to my $150 weekly budget three weeks in a row.
Costco totaled $54.15
I was so excited to get coconut oil and a treat for the boys...Stonyfield Smoothie drinks.
The enormous amount of sub rolls are for Growth Group dinner on Sunday night.

Ingles - $15.22
Bananas were on clearance so I'll be making a couple loaves of banana bread to put in the freezer for breakfast next week.  The Log Cabin all natural syrup is missing from this picture.

Walmart - $19.78
Last minute items before our snow storm hit!

Happy Cow Creamery - 57.95
We were well stocked up on milk and eggs for the snow storm.  Thankfully I still have 2 gallons of milk and one dozen eggs leftover that will last us until mid next week.

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