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Monday, January 27, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

We had a VERY busy weekend but it was also a LOT of fun!  We had two birthday parties on Saturday.  The first was at the Greenville Children's Museum.  I love that place!  It's one of those places where I don't want to be a responsible adult watching my kids...I just want to play!  The second birthday party was at Peach Bowl Lanes.  The boys have only been bowling once before so they were very excited to go again.  They had a great time and Bradley was extremely adorable with his tiny bowling shoes and four pound bowling ball.  Take out pizza from Wedgy's for supper, an early bed time for the boys, and Mike and I ended our Saturday watching Parenthood
Mike and I had the 2's and 3's in church nursery on Sunday with a total of 8 little munchkins.  It was a busy morning!  A special soup lunch for the church ladies after morning service, a quick afternoon nap, and then Growth Group at the house last night and before we knew it, we were setting our alarm clocks for Monday morning.  Why must the weekends go by so fast?
Bradley was so proud of his bowling ball!
Watching the ball roll VERY slowly to the pins.

J driving the race car at the Children's Museum 

The best part about birthday parties....CUPCAKES!!

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