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Friday, January 24, 2014

My Glass of Milk

It is so easy for me to find something to complain about.  It's something that unfortunately comes way too natural for me.  I'm the person that sees the glass of milk halfway empty rather than halfway full.  This week I found a lot to complain about and was feeling pretty sorry for myself.  I read this status on Facebook this morning and immediately became so ashamed of my attitude this week.
From a staff member at our children's home: Whirlwind of emotions today. One child's grief is so strong he is now in the hospital. A 12 yr old fell into my arms... crying on her birthday b/c her mom ignored her during her visit. She made her own birthday cake to take to her visit b/c she knew her mom would not bring her one. The other girls surprised her with a party when she got back to the cottage. Another child saw the man who molested her. Now she is screaming in her sleep again. Another 6 yr old girl ran to me crying b/c she found out yesterday she is not going home. She had several nightmares and was crying out in her sleep. She let me hold her for a little while and then wanted her Ms. Jessie to pray with her as she went back to bed. It's been a difficult day for so many today. Even a sweet caseworker broke down in tears b/c sometimes it is too much to handle. I feel like I have been running from crisis to crisis putting bandaids on brokenness. My arms are not big enough to hold all of my babies. But dear Father, that does not matter b/c yours are big enough to hold the whole world. Please hold my babies tight. Calm their nightmares and give them peace. Help them to dream great dreams and think great thoughts because you are a Great God! Help my coworkers and my DSS family as we are trying our best to fight the good fight. Sweet Abba, we are so tired and completely helpless without you! Thank you for the Angel Army surrounding Miracle Hill Children's Home. You are our Shield. Our Protector. Our Strength.
Wow!  A status like this made my heart ache for this person dealing with this type of day.   I cried thinking of these innocent children that didn't choose these circumstances they are in.  It made me forget about all my petty problems this past week and I immediately began to think of the goodness of God in my life.  It's amazing how one Facebook status can change my heart and cause me to now see my glass of milk halfway full.

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  1. and reading this makes me wish we had a bigger house to take some more kids in and give them love and a family.....