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Monday, January 20, 2014

Lover's Loft in Pigeon Forge, TN

Mike and I went to mountains last week for a two night getaway...without kids.  It was amazing!  After a LOT of research on cabins in the Smoky Mountains, I finally found one that I would feel comfortable staying in.  I'm not all about bear heads watching me while I sleep, or the cheesy heart shaped Jacuzzi's in the room, or any live bait decorations.  We booked the Lover's Loft in Pigeon Forge and we were very impressed with the beautiful cabin.  The view we had was priceless!  We will definitely make this trip a new annual tradition.
I  had to compromise on a cabin with a gas fireplace over the wood burning one, but the gas fireplace was still much better than an electric one.

The kitchen was fully stocked and had all the dishes and utensils we needed for our meals.

The hot tub on the balcony. 
We lasted about 15 minutes on the swing even though we were covered in blankets. 
It was VERY cold!
 Gorgeous View!
The cabin was surrounded with God's beautiful creation!


Looking down from the balcony.  The road to the cabin was very steep!  


Mike pretty much kicked my butt in every game of foosball.

I was a little better at pool!

This was one of my favorite spots in the cabin. It was in the corner of the upper loft and had the most spectacular view.  We ate breakfast and played lots of card games at this table. 

We brought food to make our meals so we didn't have to leave the cabin.

Skip-Bo and LOTS of junk food! 
Between the Swiss Cake Rolls, Candy and Cream Soda, we had an overload of sugar. 

Playing pool by the fireplace was really awesome!

Rummikub was totally my game!

We stayed in our pajamas all day!

Very relaxed and happy!


We saw snow flurries for about an hour.

The first night we had a rock slide!  That definitely didn't help Mike's uneasiness of heights.  And I was so afraid we would be stuck in the cabin and wouldn't be able to leave.


  1. So pretty there and looks so peaceful. What a great place to getaway!

  2. Love all the pics!!! So glad you had a nice relaxing time together!!