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Friday, January 3, 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

I may have stayed in my pajamas all day yesterday but I did get something accomplished.  I'm going to try and organize something each week day during the month of January.  My kitchen cabinets were screaming at me from all the baking and cooking that was done over the holidays.  I had pretty much just thrown stuff up in the cabinets knowing I would eventually organize it when I had time.  So all my cabinets are cleaned and nicely organized.  I even rearranged some of the items in the cabinets so hopefully it won't take me too long to remember where everything is.

The medicine cabinet had become so bad that anytime you even opened the cabinet, medicine would more than likely fall out.
Ahhh!  Feels and looks so much better.  Expired medicine is
thrown away and the rest is nice and neat! 
This is only 1/2 of our cups and mugs.  The other 1/2 were in the dishwasher
waiting to be put away.  I knew I had to purge some of our cups and mugs in
order for everything to fit neatly.
All the coffee mugs are on the bottom shelf now. 
Oh. My. Word.  My spice cabinet was horrible!

 I love this cabinet now.  I keep peeking inside to see everything lined up so neatly!
This cabinet had a hodge podge of things inside and the shelves were a sticky mess from syrup and oils that had leaked at some point.
I turned it into my measuring cups cabinet along with some food coloring on the top shelf with some spices I don't normally use.

 This picture speaks for this cabinet.  One Hot Mess! 
So much better!  I don't panic when I have to open this cabinet anymore.  I love the Lock & Lock Containers to keep my sugar, oatmeal, and rice in.  I have to order a few more for my flour and brown sugar.
This cabinet was always messy with boxes of cereal and chips. 
Cereal and chips are now stored in the pantry and I love my new pots and pans cabinet!
The middle shelf had all those measuring cups before I moved them.  Grabbing a plate wasn't the easiest because of the huge pile of plates.
I love how easy it is to grab an everyday plate and I was able to put more serving bowls on the top shelf.
This was my nightmare cabinet.  Every time I opened it, I would tense up knowing I needed to get a baking dish, mixing bowl, and/or pot and it would create a huge ruckus. 
Ahhhh!  I love the neatness and how everything can breathe in there again.
It's so nice knowing all my cabinets are organized.  I'm trying VERY hard to keep them that way.  Everything was wiped down with Murphy's Oil Soap, my favorite wood cleaner.  Now to start on my kitchen drawers sometime today!



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  1. Girl your cabinets look AMAZING!!! It always makes me feel so much happier when my cabinets are clean and organized, not to mention it is easier to find everything. Ready to come over and tackle mine now, ha? Glad you were able to get everything in tip-top shape! :)