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Friday, January 31, 2014

Ingles, CVS, and Earth Fare Sales Week of January 26- February 1st

Bradley and I ran some errands this morning to CVS, Earth Fare and Ingles.  I was so excited to have my grocery list and coupons organized.  All 3 trips took just 1 1/2 hours including driving time and Earth Fare is about 15 minutes away.  Having CVS & Ingles basically in my back yard makes 15 minutes to Earth Fare seem like forever.....yes I know I'm spoiled for those of you who live out in the boonies!  Bradley cracks me up with the way he gets excited about each store.  CVS has the cool car buggy, Earth Fare has a little grocery cart that he can push, and he gets a free cookie at Ingles.  That kid is so smart and reminds me of all his special stuff at each store!
$17.36 at Earth Fare for Ground Chuck, Hummus, Bananas and Apples
I'm not a huge fan of Hummus but it was free with $10 purchase so I figured this would give me a good chance to try eating it again.

$22.60 at CVS with savings of $42.88 and I received $14.50 back in ECB's!

Bradley loves to photo bomb these pictures!  A total of $58.81 was spent at Ingles with a savings of $34.99.  A couple items I had to purchase were for the Super Bowl party at church on Sunday night.  I was so excited with the Harvest Farms chicken tenders on sale for $3.98/lb and Hebrew National hot dogs for 2/$6.
A total of $98.77 was spent today on all our grocery/household items and I was super excited to keep it under $100 today.  I had Mimi pick up our milk, butter, and cheese products at Happy Cow earlier this week which totaled $45.33.  So I kept it all under $150 this week which is my goal.  Switching over to organic & hormone free, real food products has increased our budget a little but if I can keep it under $150, I'm right on target.

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