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Monday, December 2, 2013

Our Thanksgiving Week Recap

And Thanksgiving 2013 is over.  Seriously?  Wow!  We started off the week rough with an upper respiratory infection for Bradley and bronchitis for me.  It's always rough when kids are sick but worse when Mama is sick.  We left for TN on Wednesday and the kids were so excited to see TN Papa.  My oldest sister, Shannon and her family arrived a couple hours before we did.  My older sister, Heather arrived on Saturday with her family.  We had a full schedule packed with so many fun activities.  Of course, I think we would all say our favorite was Cades Cove on Friday since that has the most memories of our beautiful Mother.  She loved that place like no other.  We saw 3 bears and it was all because Shannon had faith. (inside family joke)  Thank you Dad for coordinating all the activities, paying for all the tickets, and hosting Thanksgiving 2013.  We made lots of memories...so many more that pictures couldn't capture.

My princess niece Seanna and me standing in front of her favorite
Christmas tree at the Festival of Trees downtown Knoxville.

Bradley picked out the Black Bear Christmas Tree!

Best mode of transportation ever.

The Gingerbread houses were my favorite.

I love this one!  It reminds me of the houses in Charleston.

Magic Kingdom

 First time getting his face painted!

Seanna getting her face painted.

He really did like his face painting.

Sweet Spencer chose a snowman.

 Shad who is now a TWEEN was too cool for face paintings.


Carousel ride with TN Papa.



Another favorite tree at a low price of only $850.


Time to eat! 

It's Turkey Time!

Dad loves setting the table.


Breakfast at Panera Bread....our favorite place!

 Carriage ride at Cades Cove

My sister Shannon and some of her family.

TN Papa and Bradley were ready for the ride!

The snow was so pretty.

This buck came right beside us.

Perfect shot for Brett if he had his gun with him.

Riding through Cades Cove in the back of Dad's pickup was priceless!

He loved every minute of it!  This little guy at 2 1/2 hot dogs, 3 Oreo Cookies, and 3/4 cupcake about 20 minutes before this shot was taken.

There's no place like Cades Cove!

 Another dear right beside the car.
Shannon and Seanna loving every minute.

One of our favorite cabins there.

My awesome nephews and beautiful niece.

Time for bowling!

This little chicken butt beat me by a LOT.
I hate to admit it but even Shad beat Aunt Ashley.

The cousins LOVED camping out in different places in the basement.
This picture is just for you Shannon! 

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