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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Organizing a Kids Room is Never Ending

I've had lots of little projects all day but my big project for the day was to organize Bradley's room.  I didn't even want to take any pictures of the "before" look because I was so embarrassed.  Every single toy possible was on the floor along with books and puzzles.  It was a nightmare!  So after sorting everything into proper bins, putting puzzles back together, and organizing books, the room looks so much better.  I had to take a moment and post pictures so when the next tornado hits his room, I can look back at this blog post and remember at one time it was perfect.
Cars and trucks in the green bin, animals and people in the beige bin,
and random toys in the blue bin.  Legos in one container and Lincoln Logs
in the other.I'm looking for the perfect toy organizer...does anyone have any
favorites they would suggest?

For now this is his bookshelf for books and puzzles. 

Seeing the carpet in his room is a wonderful thing! 

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  1. the bins with the legos and the other things make sure they have lids that the Bradley cant open :) thaddeaus can open here and there but Josiah who is the one who dumps can't open it.....so now all there toys are in bins so the little ones can't dump the toybox and I know how many buckets are open since I have to open them :)