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Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's Christmas Tree Time!

We buy a fresh Christmas tree every year.  There's something about a fresh tree that just makes me smile.   We've been going to Shawn's Christmas Trees for the last 6 years and he's never disappointed us.  There is a large selection of beautiful trees that look and smell fresh for the entire month of December.  And I forget to water my tree quite often.  Our tree is full of a variety of ornaments.  It doesn't have theme at all.  I keep telling myself that one of these years I'll decorate it with a beautiful matching ribbon and ornaments.  But every year as I pull out the ornaments, each one brings back such a special memory that I can't help but put it on the tree. Whether it's an ornament from when Mike and I were kids, something that our children made in school, or just a silly little ornament that makes us laugh, they all have a purpose for being on the tree.  And sometimes those sweet memories mean more than a beautifully decorated themed tree....at least in my world it does.

Any local friends buying a fresh tree this year need to buy from Shawn.
You will easily become a regular customer year after year.

We found the perfect one!

Not so perfect timing for Mike to snap this picture!  LOL
Why do kids always choose inconvenient times to fill a diaper?

It smells perfect!

 Shawn trimming our tree for us.

 Wrapping the net on and we are good to go!

Setting the tree up.
I love our  tree with a hodge podge of ornaments full of memories.

One of my favorite ornaments to remind me of my beautiful Mother watching over me.

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