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Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Weekend Recap

So my favorite day all weekend was definitely Saturday!  Mimi and PopPop watched the boys so Mike and I could celebrate our 9th anniversary by going horseback riding and grabbing some lunch.  It was the perfect Fall afternoon and the tree colors are in their peak season right now.  We tried a new place which was called Black Horse Run in Fountain Inn, SC.  We loved it and had a great trail ride.  It was our first for going in the water on a horse and our first trail ride that they actually let the horses gallop on some parts rather than walking.  It was so much fun!   My horse, Pale Face, had quite a mind of her own.  She made her own trails, had no problems running my leg into trees and walking as slowly as possible.  
 After a quick casual lunch at my favorite fast food restaurant, Panera Bread, Mike dropped me off for a massage.  For all of my local Greenville readers, DeAnna at Simply Massage is the best of the best! 
We ended the day with taking the boys to David Jackson ParkWe just found out about this park last week when my niece had a t-ball game there.  It's a gorgeous park with Paris Mountain views all around it.  They have a very kid friendly playground for all ages, nice restrooms, and walking trails. 
The extra hour of sleep was so nice on Sunday morning.  Church on Sunday morning, some yard work in the afternoon, and Growth Group on Sunday night and our weekend was over.


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