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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Birthday - 32 years old

Today I'm 32 years old.  Birthdays used to be so special and I loved the month of November because of it.  Now I almost dread it.  And it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm getting older.  I can remember how excited I would get the week of my birthday.  I would be rushing to the mailbox every day to see how many birthday cards would come in the mail.  I loved to make plans on what I wanted to do on my special day.  Mom would always cook my favorite supper which was always Dreamy Chicken and a Chocolate cake with Oreo frosting.  Most of the time we just had a family birthday dinner but on occasion we were allowed to have a friend over.  One of my siblings would have to do my chores for that day and I loved how they would fight over who had to do them.   Mom always had a way of making me feel on top of the world on my birthday. 
My birthdays the last 5 years just haven't been the same.  And it's all because Mom is gone.   I saved her last birthday email she sent me and I read it once a year.  I hate feeling this way.  No one wants a party pooper and it's really tacky to be the birthday girl and the party pooper.  Maybe one of these years the pain won't be as strong and I'll be able to enjoy my special day again.  For all those posting on my Facebook wall, sending texts, phone calls, etc....Thank you!  I really appreciate the sweet birthday wishes. 
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter,
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating YOUR day. (:  I know what I was doing 27 years ago today!
I'm up early so I could eat something.  My cat scan is at 9:30 and I can't eat or drink anything prior to four hours of testing. ):  I can handle the not eating part but not the no drinking part!
Love ya! Mom 


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  2. Aw....reading this post brought tears to my eyes dear friend. Your Mom was an amazing lady and who made everyone feel special. No one will ever replace your Mom and all those sweet memories growing up. I see a lot of her kindness, love, generosity, and sweet spirit in you too friend. Happy Birthday again Ash! Glad we were able to celebrate and catch up this week. Praying that this year will be a great one for you!