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Monday, October 21, 2013

Our Weekend Recap

Food, Football, and Baseball with Friends & Family make a Fabulous Weekend!
We started our weekend with a night in the cornfields with our sweet friends, Preston and Melissa.  We went to The MAiZE in Enoree, SC on Friday night.  They have two options of corn mazes.  One was haunted and the other was family friendly.  Of course, we had to choose the haunted.  I guess you feel like you get your money's worth when you get scared?  It was a lot of fun, no one peed their pants, and we all came out alive!
 My bumblebee flashlight scared all the monsters away.
We made it out alive! 

A great night!
On Saturday, it was all about TV and food.  The TN Vols vs SC Gamecocks started at noon.  We had 21 (11 kids and 10 adults) people over for a football party which meant LOTS of yummy food.  The Vols won 23-21 and it was a nail biter game.  You have to watch this video for some incredible plays by both teams.
TN Vols are #1 in our world!
After the game we went for a drive and walk while the TV had a break. 
Bradley was all about riding on Mike's shoulders rather than the stroller.
Then it was baseball time with Red Sox vs Tigers and we needed to win this game to go into the World Series.  And the Red Sox showed out and we won the game 5-2.  Bradley was such a dedicated fan and stayed up for almost the entire game. 
He finally crashed about 11 pm.
We had a great service at RBC on Sunday morning.  You can watch our service live every Sunday at 10:30 am or you can watch previous services by clicking here.  We had a lazy afternoon and Bradley and I stayed home while Mike went to Growth Group.  I'm fighting a sore throat which I'm sure is due to lack of sleep.  We were all in bed by 8 pm last night.  Late nights start back up again on Wednesday night so we might as well get in as much beauty sleep as we can for now!
The late night on Saturday made for grouchy pictures for Bradley on Sunday.

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  1. Looks like a fun filled weekend! Love the picture of Bradley crashed on the floor, he's such a good sport!