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Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend with a combination of busyness and relaxation...if that makes any sense at all.  On Friday night, we went to my in-laws church for their Fall Festival.  The kids got to dress up in costumes and they had all sorts of fun games, hayrides, bonfire, and a hot dog dinner.  I was impressed that Bradley kept his 3 Eyed Monster costume on all night.  He received a prize for having one of the cutest costumes. 
The most adorable 3 eyed little monster that is far too cute to be scary!

Bradley loved making bubbles!
On Saturday, we had the Genovese/Bonadies family pictures at the Rock Quarry Garden in Greenville, SC.  It was our first time being there and it's a beautiful garden, perfect for pictures!  Family pictures can be extremely stressful but I think our photographers, Sarah and Anna, did a fantastic job keeping it organized and flowing smoothly.  Other than Bradley not cooperating for most of the shots, (but then again, how many 2 year olds will cooperate for pictures?) I think we ended up with some great pictures.  Thanks to Memories Frozen in Time for being patient with all of us!  After pictures, we went to a new pizza joint downtown Greenville called Vic's Pizza.  We filled the entire place with our family and had a loud, noisy, fun time eating pizza!  After a Saturday afternoon nap, we watched the TN/GA football game and the Red Sox/Rays baseball game.  Bradley was quite the entertainer switching t-shirts between the two games.  He loves watching any sort of ballgame on TV and likes to yell Go Vols and Go Sox.
 PopPop brought along his camera and took some great shots in between the family pictures.  He did a great job capturing some of the chaos of getting the children to sit still and say cheese for the camera.
 "You're choking me Reese!"
 Bradley is refusing to sit up while Vivian is refusing to smile.
 The looks on both their faces are priceless!
The only boy cousins.  Super sweet pictures!
I loved this cute corner table!

 Uncle TJ, Rebekah, Aunt Tina, and our photographers
 The girls were so cute sitting up at this bar.  Reese is totally adorable!
Uncle Mike and Rocco having quite the conversation.
 Yummy, Pizza!!
 Touchdown Vols!
Learning to hit the ball like Big Pappy!
We had a sweet service at church on Sunday morning...God is working in incredible ways at RBC and I'm so thankful for a Pastor that loves God and is listening to His direction.  I made 2 loaves of banana bread and a crockpot of chili on Sunday afternoon to take to our Growth Group that evening.  I LOVE my growth group!  It's a privilege to get to know these families and go through "life" with them. 
Another great weekend is over...now to start a new week that is full of babysitting, overnight company and baking!

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