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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Are We Too Busy for Interruptions?

The other morning I was busy cleaning the kitchen and Bradley says "play, Mommy".  I told him to wait until I was finished cleaning the kitchen.  About 10 minutes later he brings me a book and says "read, Mommy".  I told him to let me throw some laundry in and then I'll sit down and read.  He was so disappointed and I can't forget the look in his eyes when he realized that I had other things to do. 
I find myself so many times too busy doing chores than sitting down with Bradley and playing with him.  Life is way too short and I know I'm going to regret not spending this "playtime" with him.  Isn't this one of the reasons I chose to be a SAHM anyway? 
I began to think about all the times I've ignored the inconveniences in my life.  How many times do I get an email or a phone call letting me know a friend is sick?  Do I take the time to visit them, send a card, or call them?  How many widows or widowers do I know that would love having a homecooked meal from time to time?  I can allow myself to get caught up in the daily tasks of life that I forget about helping others who are hurting so much more than I am.  
I think about Jesus and all the times He was interrupted when He was headed on a mission.  Did He act like He was inconvenienced by having to stop and minister to someone?  Whether it was the woman with the medical condition, a blind man wanting to see, a deaf man wanting to hear, and so many more people wanting to have their lives changed by Jesus, He stopped what He was doing and changed their life.  He didn't ask them to wait or tell them to catch up with Him on a better day, or ignore them.  He chose to take care of their needs even when it wasn't on His "calendar".
My prayer for today is that I'll stop being selfish with my time and allow God to use me to help someone else.  I'm praying that I'll stop and take the time to be a Mother to Bradley rather than a perfect housekeeper.  I'm praying that I'll be reminded of the little things that make life beautiful and stop focusing on my petty problems.
Philippians 2:4 says "Not looking to your own interests but each of you
to the interests of others."

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