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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

24 Hour Visit from TN Papa

My Dad, who Bradley calls TN Papa, came in for an overnight visit yesterday.  We went to the Greenville Zoo yesterday afternoon and Bradley was so excited to show TN Papa all his favorite animals. 
Bradley loves his elephants!
This big guy came as close to us as he possibly could.
"Look TN Papa!  The turtles are inside."
                                                    Shhh.  The jaguar is taking a nap.
Checking out the monkeys.
 It's inflatable Mickey Mouse!
We had eggs, bacon,  sausage and toast for breakfast this morning and Bradley loved eating with TN Papa.  Then it was story time and TN Papa used his imagination and came up with his own story and Bradley seemed to think it was great.

Then it was time for some pumpkin carving!  Dad did a great job carving the pumpkin into a TN Hillbilly Redneck with one tooth. 
Marking the pumpkin on where to cut
 Digging the insides out...yummy pumpkin seeds!
Bradley described raw pumpkin tasting as "nasty".
Bradley was very impressed with TN Papa's carving skills!
 The final result and who knows why Bradley wanted to stick the baseball bat in his eye.
Thanks Dad for making great memories in 24 hours!  Bradley loves his TN Papa and is ready for another wrestle match and another trip to the Zoo.




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