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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Weekend Recap (one day late)

So my computer is in a much better mood today so here is our weekend recap that should have been posted yesterday.
On Friday night we had Mimi and PopPop over for the Red Sox and Yankees baseball game.  The Genovese Family our ENORMOUS Red Sox fans.  I never realized how important baseball and Red Sox is in life until I married a Genovese.  It's actually quite a lot of fun and Bradley had already fallen in love with the game too.  He stayed up until 10:30 pm watching the game with all of us.

He loved cuddling with PopPop and watching the game. (and yes, Bradley is 2 and still drinking from a bottle....it's his one nightly ritual and I'm his Mom and I say it's adorable... please don't judge me)
Saturday was just perfect in my book.  We slept in until about 8 am and then went to the Greenville Zoo.  We were there at 9:15 am which was great timing because the crowds start to come in around 10 am.  The weather was perfect and we had a nice time saying "Good Morning" to all the animals.  Of course his favorite animal is still the turtle and he knows there are 3 turtles.  It's so much fun to watch him point and count!
After the zoo we went downtown to the Main Street Market.  Downtown Greenville is so beautiful and it's always fun to see all the vendors and the colorful fresh foods and unique crafts they have to sell.  The only thing I bought was a really cool houseplant....African something or another. 
After the market we finished went for a leisurely walk downtown and ended up at Ford's for lunch.  They seriously have the best Blackened Chicken salad. 

We headed home after lunch and got home just in time to watch the TN Vols vs Western KY football game.  I'm originally from TN which makes me a serious Vols fan.  Living in SC for over 10 years still hasn't converted me to a Clemson or Gamecock fan.  After the game we all took naps on the couch.  A little outside yard work on Saturday night and our perfect day was over.
On Sunday, we had an incredible service at RBC!  Refocus was the theme and it was exciting to see our new logo introduced, pictures of our RBC families on the stairwells and hallways and just feel the general excitement of knowing that God has great plans for our church.  I'm mostly excited about the new Growth Groups we are going to be starting next week!  Mike and I have had been in two Growth Groups in the last year and the changes it can make in your personal spiritual life is incredible.  I'm anxious to see what God is going to do in our life this year!  Mike had a meeting on Sunday afternoon.  I got some inside chores accomplished and Bradley took a nice long nap.  Mike washed the cars on Sunday night and I did some weeding in the flower beds and yard.  And by 9 pm, we were all in bed.
Thank you God for another beautiful weekend with my family.  I'm so blessed!

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