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Monday, September 9, 2013

BI-LO, CVS, and Ingles Sales Week of September 8th-14th

We are eating mostly from the fridge, pantry, and freezer again this week.  I'm trying not to buy many groceries and just using up what we already have on hand.  Last week, I only made one stop at Whole Foods for milk, eggs, and potatoes.  I spent $25 and some change. 

 Today I spent $15.77 at Ingles and saved $17.52.  My favorite deal was the Green Giant boxed vegetables on sale 10/$10.  There were $1/3 peelies on the boxes so I bought 6 boxes of vegetables paying 67 cents per box.  I had a coupon for a free bottle of CoffeeMate Natural bliss.  They only had chocolate available so I'm not sure how Mike is going to love that with his coffee in the morning but hey, it was free!  I also picked up Yoplait yogurt that was on sale and California grapes for Bradley's snacks this week.  Prego spaghetti sauce is on sale
2/$4 and I used a 40 cents/2 coupon which doubled.  Add a half gallon of Born Free milk and that was everything I needed at Ingles.

 At CVS, I bought 4 bottles of Tide laundry detergent that were on sale for $5.94 each.  When you spend $20, you receive $5 back in ECB's.  I used $3.00/3 coupon, 50 cents/1 coupon, and a $3/$15 CVS coupon.  My total was $18.30 and I saved $18.60 and received $5 back in ECB's. 
And at BI-LO, I spent $23.55 and saved $24.09.  My favorite deal was the boneless turkey breast on sale for $6.99.  I bought a box of stuffing and we will be having "Thanksgiving dinner" for supper tonight!  ChiChi's enchilada sauce was on sale for $1 and I had $1 coupon making the sauce free.  I also picked up 2 jars of salsa on sale for 2/$4 and with $1 coupon, these were $1.50 a jar.  Juicy Juice was on sale for $1.64 and I also had a $1 coupon.  It's very rare that I buy juice but at $1.14, it's a nice treat for Mike.  Bradley and I would rather drink milk than juice.  Another one of my favorite deals were Hefty sandwich bags on sale for 2/$3.  I used $1.25/2 coupon and an additional $1 BI-LO coupon which made my total 38 cents per box!  A couple boxes of cereal, bananas, bread and onions and my shopping trip is complete at BI-LO.  My sweet husband put away all the groceries from BI-LO before I was able to get a picture.
I was so happy that I saved more than I spent at all 3 of these stores.  My grand total of spending this week was $57.62 and a savings of $60.21!  Definitely under the $100 weekly budget and I've stocked up on some great items that were on sale. 

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