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Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend babysitting twin girls of our dear friends.  They went on a long overdue anniversary weekend getaway and the girls got to stay with us.  Bradley loved having "big sisters" all weekend.  The girls call us Uncle Mike and Aunt Ashley which I love to hear!  We stayed very busy and it was a great feeling to have our house full of children! 
On Friday afternoon we went to the zoo, park, and library.  On Friday night, we went over to Mimi's and PopPop's for dinner.  They made delicious hamburgers and hotdogs for us with all the yummy sides!  We took the kids to a vacant parking lot up the street and let them ride their bikes.  The girls went to bed watching one of the movies they picked out at the library earlier that day.  They love movies about horses!

Headed to the zoo on Friday afternoon.  Brina is a great big helper!
Checking out the giraffes.
 Trying to find the tiny frogs hiding under the rocks.

Bradley wasn't too sure about everyone sitting on the bear.
Bradley tried so hard to keep up with the girls at the park!

The girls were great bike riders!

 Bradley loves riding his bike!
Uh Oh!
 Finishing the day by watching a movie in bed.
On Saturday morning I made homemade waffles and sausage.  The girls thought it was so fun to eat their waffles on a stick!  After breakfast we went on a "Parkathon".  We would go to one park and spend 30 minutes and then get in the car to find another park.  We visited a total of 4 parks in about 2 1/2 hours.  On Saturday night, PopPop and Mimi came over to our house for dinner.  After baths and another movie it was bed time for everyone.
Waffles on a stick and sausage for breakfast!
 Our first park stop in Duncan!
Who can swing the highest?
Bradley was so excited to go to the 2nd park!
Who can reach it first?
Karlie ready to begin the obstacle course.
Karlie completing the balance beam!
Brina showing off her strong muscles!
Double the slide, double the fun!
Bradley made it to the top!
I can't tell you how many times Bradley tried to get in the water!
Our 3rd park we went to was a wooden park with lots of fun hiding spots!
They played together so nicely all weekend!
The twins LOVED the tire swing! 

Having fun in the train!
Karlie balancing at the 4th park!
Mike and Karlie on the modern seesaw!

 Completely wiped out after the 3rd park!
On Sunday, Brina and I stayed home from church because we both were sick the night before.  We relaxed and watched lots of cartoons.  The girls went home Sunday afternoon. Mike, Bradley and I ran a couple of errands, finished some household chores that evening while watching the Red Sox Game on TV and another weekend is over.


  1. Awesome pics, and an awesome weekend! Wow....you kept them pretty busy having a LOT of fun! I am sure they will never forget their weekend with you all! Love the pics!!! :)

  2. Aw....awesome pictures Ash! Thanks for sharing! We are so blessed to have you guys in our lives! The girls had so much fun and always love their time with you. Thanks for taking such good care of our little ones. So sweet seeing snipits from the weekend! :) THANK YOU!!!