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Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Weekend Recap

We had a very relaxing weekend with not a whole lot on the agenda.  Sometimes you just need those type of weekends.
On Friday night, I had a board meeting with the Greenville Foster Parent Association.  We have a new president, vice president, and secretary and I'm so excited to have these incredible ladies help us build a better GCFPA.   I didn't get home until 9:30 pm so there wasn't much time to do anything with Mike and Bradley other than hugs and kisses goodnight. 
On Saturday morning we started off with Chick-fil-A breakfast and then went to hunt for garage sales.  There weren't a whole lot of sales but I managed to find a couple of deals. We went swimming with Bradley in the little kiddie pool (I'm sure the neighbors found great amusement in watching us) and then came in for a nice afternoon nap.  I painted an old flower box and replanted some lambs ear and ground ivy in the box and my hanging baskets.  Mimi has LOTS of various plants and flowers that she graciously allowed me to dig up from her flower garden and replant in mine.  On Saturday night we had an impromptu date night of bike riding at the Swamp Rabbit Trail

 My favorite garage sale find on Saturday.  All 6 glass dessert cups for 50 cents.
My Mom used to serve us icecream or pudding in these so they bring back great
memories of my childhood.
Hopefully the ground ivy will work well in my hanging baskets.

They look a little puny after the replant but after some TLC, I expect them to perk up shortly.
We taught Sunday School on Sunday morning for the 1st and 2nd graders.  I had infant nursery duty during worship service where I got to hang out with the sweetest baby girl and smooch on her chubby cheeks.  We took another nap (Sunday's are made for afternoon naps) and then had family movie and pizza night with Mimi and PopPop.
 Movies and popcorn go perfectly together.
Dreaming of our wonderful weekend.
I'm so thankful for my sweet family and our simple life.  We don't have to go to amusement parks and fancy restaurants to have the best of weekends.  Our little kiddie pool and pizza makes us have some of the greatest memories of family!

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