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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our 24 Hours in Charleston

Mike had a work meeting in Charleston today so we went down last night and had an incredible 24 hours in Charleston.  We love Charleston so much and always have such a great time there.  We checked in at the hotel at 4 pm on Wednesday and headed straight for the pool.  It felt amazing after being in the car for almost 4 hours.  We went to Taco Boy for dinner; it was our first time and was recommended by our friends.  After dinner we walked down the Battery and let Bradley wade in the fountains.  It was a perfect evening! 
Gorgeous fluffy clouds on the way to Charleston!
Eating dinner at Taco Boy!
Our favorite place to go walking in Charleston.
Bradley is easily distracted when he hears an airplane.
Time to cool off with a quick run through the fountains!
I absolutely LOVE this picture of him running through the water.
Taking a small break to drink a peanut butter vanilla milkshake!
Must. Climb. The. Pile. Of. Cannon. Balls.
Because sitting on cannons are so much fun!
Who's redneck baby is running down the sidewalk shirtless and shoeless.
The perfect sunset to end a fabulous night!
Bradley and I got to play all day today while Mike was in meetings. We went to the South Carolina Aquarium first thing this morning.  It was Bradley's first time at an aquarium and he had a blast!  He kept running from exhibit to exhibit not knowing what to do with himself.  We saw a 4D Sea Monsters movie while we where there.  Then we went for a carriage ride and had a history lesson of Charleston.  Bradley loved the horses and being on a "ride".  He fell asleep within the last 5 minutes of the tour and stayed asleep while I walked through the Market and stopped at The Fudgery.  I had to buy Mike some cookies n cream fudge since it's his favorite!  Mike got finished with his meeting around 3 pm and we hit the road by 3:30 pm.  It was a long drive back home with lots of heavy rain and traffic. 
I'm so thankful we were able to get out of our normal weekly routine and make some more memories in Charleston.
He ran to the first aquarium he saw!
Completely mesmerized by the fish.
Waving to the sting ray.
The creepiest albino alligator ever!
Bradley is so fascinated with turtles. 
Another creepy fish!
He will probably want his own aquarium for Christmas this year.
Pretending to talk to Daddy on the boat's phone.
I love his hands!  He loved looking at the boats on the water.
 Carriage Ride Time!
 A fudge stop was a must!
 Completely wiped out after a day of fun! 


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