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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ingles Grocery Trip Sales Week of August 25-31

Can I just be honest and say that I'm tired of trying to keep my grocery bill under $100 each week?  I try so hard to be diligent about it but I've been failing a lot lately.  My biggest problem is not sticking to the list.  I always match the sales ad with the coupons I have and plan to only buy what is on my list.  But then I end up finding another advertised sale or a really great buy on meat and end up butchering my budget.  Please help!  Tell me some ways to keep from doing this.  Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated!

I spent a total of 126.96 and saved $67.97.  I'm happy with the amount I saved because that shows I was using coupons and finding sale items but I'm not happy with the extra $26.97 I spent.  I stocked up on some 93% lean hamburger meat that was on sale and I also bought my first flank steak that was marked down.  My favorite sale was the BOGO on Delallo pasta and Sorrento cheese!  I'm thinking some yummy Italian dishes will be served for dinner this week.  The one special treat I picked up was a 6 pack of the IBC cream soda bottles on sale for $3.00.  Mike and I love cream soda and it always tastes so much better in these glass bottles!

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  1. Hi Ashley...looks like you are making some good choices but I understand your frustration. If you look at the big picture did you really go "over" budget if you saved $67.97 and probably bought some items that can be made for future meals?