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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grocery Trip to Ingles Week of August 11-17

I completely went over my $100 budget for groceries this week.  It's partly because I was in a grumpy mood and I just didn't care. The other reason is I'm getting ready for company this weekend and I'm making a Welcome to Your New Home gift basket for a friend moving into her new home this week. 

Ingles had some great sales on lunch meat this week and combining with a coupon made it even better.  I'm putting some away in the freezer and will definitely be making some yummy hot ham sandwiches (recipe to come later) this week for our company.  I also bought my first rack of ribs.  I'm never made ribs before but I'm anxious to try it out.  If anyone has a great recipe for ribs, please share them in the comment section below.  And don't judge me for the large boxes of sugary cereal.  The healthy ones weren't on sale, these were and I had a coupon.  And remember, I was in a grumpy mood and a bowl of Lucky Charms always makes your mornings better.  I spent a total of $110.78 and saved $53.59. 

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  1. well you should see all the sugary cereal I bought today :) the kids were so excited but I have to put them back or they will all be opened in one day and literally they will go thru a box in one meal....so I'll be enjoying my sugary cereal too with you :) now you don't feel so bad :)