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Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Weekend Recap

We had another great weekend together as a family without any written agendas or things we had to do.  The rain held off for most of the weekend which we all appreciated very much!
On Friday night we went to Furman University for our nightly walk. Furman has such a gorgeous campus and we always have a great time there.  We walked about 5 miles around their lake and part of the University campus. 

One of my favorite streets to walk on!
Bradley wasn't in the mood to smile for the camera.
He loved "quacking" with the ducks!
On Saturday morning, Mike and Bradley hung out in the garage fixing our bikes while it was pouring rain and I stayed busy in the kitchen baking.  I made 6 jars of strawberry jelly,
4 loaves of Georgia Peach Bread, Rice Pudding, and Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.  It was a perfect morning!  The rain stopped so we were able to take Bradley to the Greenville Zoo.  I love our local zoo even though most people would say that it's not worth your time.  We don't have a lot of animals there and it's a small zoo but it's perfect for a 2 year old!
Visiting the red pandas
Bradley made friends right away with Mr. Elephant.
These monkey were a hoot to watch!
Being entertained by the monkeys
 He was more interested in looking at the lions in the next exhibit over.

These lions definitely looked like they woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  They were very ferocious looking!
Another great adventure at the Greenville Zoo!
On Saturday night Mike and I were able to go on date night to Tablefields, a local restaurant, and then to the movies!  It's always nice to have a few hours alone with my husband to talk about our future, dreams, and just have fun!
On Sunday we had a nice lunch at Panera Bread after church and then the best Sunday afternoon nap ever.  I packaged a few items I sold on Ebay while Mike went swimming with Bradley.  We made homemade pizza for supper and took a 2 mile walk and enjoyed the last of our weekend.  Thank you God for my family and the wonderful weekend memories!

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