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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Last day of free shipping at Stride Rite!

I love spoiling my nieces and nephews with great birthday presents.  The beauty of being a stay at home Mom is having the time to find great deals online.  Stride Rite is offering free shipping (this special ends today) and I had a $10 off coupon from being a Rewards Member.  This coupon and the free shipping paired perfectly together on a pair of tennis shoes that are normally $60 and were on sale for $34.99.  So my total order with coupon and free shipping came to $25!  And by shopping through Ebates, I received an additional 4.5% cash back!  

I used to think that only rich people could afford shoes from Stride Rite.  I never owned a pair when I was a kid!  Once Bradley was born and I realized that his XXW foot wouldn't fit in shoes from your average department store....I had to figure out how I could afford Stride Rite shoes.  Combining coupons with sales can get you very affordable Stride Rite shoes.  Their membership program is great to be a part of because for every $75 you spend, they will send you a $10 coupon.  They will usually run a sale every quarter for Buy One and Get One 50% off.  At the end of your store receipt, there will be an online survey code which will give you another $5 coupon once you complete the survey.  Stride Rite shoes have a great resale value to.  I've always resold Bradley's shoes on Ebay and made another $5-$10 off his used shoes! 

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