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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Carver's Orchard & Apple House Restaurant

We recently made a trip to TN and made a lunch stop at a place recommended by a friend.  Carver's Orchard & Apple House Restaurant in Cosby, TN is almost like a Cracker Barrel but oh so much better!  It's like you're going to Grandma's house to fill your belly with yummy goodness made with extra love.  It's like walking with Grandpa in his garden watching him pick vegetables and hearing him tell you all sorts of fun stories. This place puts Cosby, TN on the map for sure!

There is nothing like homemade chicken n dumplings with
mashed potatoes and green beans!  

Bradley was all about their apple cider!  It was so delicious!!
Of course, we had to hit their candy store after lunch.  They have the most delicious homemade chocolate covered cherries and peanut brittle. 
Completely out of this world, melt in your mouth chocolates!
So many different yummy flavored ciders!
Delicious homemade jellies, jams, and apple butter!
How awesome would a tomato sandwich taste with these gorgeous tomatoes?
There's nothing quite like a piping hot fried apple pie!
You have to make time to walk around the peaceful orchard!
Carver's Orchard & Apple House Restaurant is definitely going to be our new all time favorite must stop at this place on our future trips to TN!


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