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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loads of Free Stuff at CVS this week

I almost stopped breathing when I saw all the free stuff at CVS this week.  Yes, I know it's not normal to get excited about the sales ad.  I'm reading the Sunday newspaper and browsing the ads like I always do on Sunday afternoon and when I came to the CVS ad, I couldn't believe it!  An incredible amount of items free after ECB's.  I couldn't wait until Monday to shop, I had to go right away!  I bought 20 items that are free after ECB's.  My local CVS had it very convenient and all the items located on 2 shelves for easy shopping.  The only thing they were out of was the Playdough which would have been a nice stocking stuffer but I'm still super happy with the other items I was able to get.  And I was in and out in about 5 minutes which made it even nicer!  Take a look at my receipt...I've never had one this long at CVS before. So grab a sales ad and make a trip to your local CVS, it will definitely be worth the trip this week!


  1. Your too cute! :) Love all the great deals they had this week! I went on Monday and they were out of some items, but I still got a bunch of stuff. They said it was pretty wild on Sunday in their store, ha!

  2. Did you get a rain check for the playdough? You should still be able to pick it up before Christmas and use it as a stocking stuffer! :) The CVS rain checks never expire either (so it works for birthday gifts later in the year too)!