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Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Save Money when Buying New Tires

Our old tires sold for $50.
This past weekend we had to buy new tires for our Toyota Camry.  One of the tires had a slow leak in it and they were overall getting pretty worn.  We are headed to Iowa next month for my brother's wedding so we knew we couldn't put it off much longer.  New tires can be very expensive but there are a couple ways to help with the cost.

First, be willing to negotiate with two companies.  We recently had a Firestone open up and they had their Grand Opening this weekend where they were offering $100 off 4 new tires.  We got a quote from them on what it would cost for 4 tires with a 70,000 mile warranty.  Then we took that quote across the street to Discount Tire where they gave us a lower quote for comparable tires.  The boys were getting cranky so Mike brought us home and then went back to Firestone just to see if they would match what Discount Tire gave us.  Not only did they match the price, they even took another $50 off!

Secondly, ask for your tires to be put in your trunk and you will dispose of them.  This will save you anywhere from $8-$10 depending on their disposal fee.

Thirdly, sell those used tires.  We listed our used tires on Craig's List and within 15 minutes we had a buyer. He gave us $50 for all 4 tires.  Even if your tires aren't in great condition, ours were 3 years old with moderate wear on them, they are still worth something to someone. 

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  1. I didn't know you could do that with tire companies! We're about to be forced into this one, too, so craigslist look out!