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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Completely Out of the Budget

 So I'm looking to buy a toddler bed for Ty so Bradley can move out of the bassinet into Ty's crib.  While browsing different online sites for toddler beds, I came across this AWESOME twin bed and swivel chair for their bedroom.  The boys will be sharing a room as soon as Bradley sleeps through the night (which might be very soon, 3 nights in a row might make him ready) and their room is all Red Sox baseball themed, so this would be perfect!  Of course this twin bed was completely out of our budget but it's just so incredibly awesome that I just had to share the picture.  It would cost us $869.98 to purchase these items and we would still have to buy a twin mattress and sheets.  Totally unrealistic....but it can't hurt to dream!

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