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Friday, July 29, 2011

Walgreens Trip - Spent $9.12 and saved $16.15

I spent $9.12 at Walgreens this week and saved $16.15. I also received $4 in Register Rewards to be used on my next shopping trip. 

Best deal were the hairbands on sale 2/$3 with $3 back in Register Rewards making these FREE!.  The Huggies wipes came up on sale for $1.15 (unadvertised on the shelf) and I had 50 cents manufacturer's coupon and $1 Walgreens coupon so the wipes came out to be FREE also!  Butterball Chicken broth was 2/$1 with in-ad coupon.  Bounty Paper Towels were on sale for $5.49 with $1 back in Register Rewards.  I also used $1 manufacturer's coupon to make my final cost $4.49 for a 6-pack. 

My biggest expense on this trip were the breast milk freezer storage bags.  They were $6.99 and I used $2 Walgreens coupon to make final cost $4.99 for 25 bags.  I'm thinking it might just be cheaper to use Ziploc freezer bags for storing breast milk.  Any ideas from those who have stored breast milk in the freezer before?

Did you find any great deals at Walgreens this week?  Feel free to add the link to your blog in the comments section!

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