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Monday, May 30, 2011

Walgreens Shopping Trip - Spent $5.17 and saved $18.48

I'm starting to become very disappointed with Walgreens lately.  They are out of stock on so many sale items and the coupon policy can be frustrating since they only allow one coupon per item.  You have to buy filler items in order to make the transaction work if using Register Rewards and manufacturer's coupons.  I went to two different Walgreens to find the body wash, crackers, and coffee drink that were on sale and both stores were already out of stock.  I'm lucky that I have 3 Walgreens within about 5 miles of each other so I didn't have to drive too far but being 38 weeks pregnant and getting in and out of the car can be exhausting.  I have two rain checks sitting in my wallet that I haven't been able to use for the past 2 months because every time I check the shelf, they are still out of stock.  Does anyone else feel the same way I do with Walgreens?

Either way, here are the items I purchased this week:

Scott Naturals 6 pack paper towel - on sale for $3.99 and I used $1 manufacturer's coupon to make my final cost $2.99.  I also had a $2.50 Walgreens coupon for this paper towel but the cashier would not let me use it.  Long story and I was too exhausted to argue so I just left it alone.  But it would of made one sweet deal if I could of used it.  50 cents a roll is a good deal but I'm still tempted to return this item because it wasn't at the price I had budgeted for.

Four Cans of Arizona tea on sale BOGO.  I used these as my filler items to be able to use two Register Rewards.

Reynolds 75 sq. ft. aluminum foil on sale for $1.99.  I used $1 coupon to make my final cost 99 cents.

Got2B Hairspray and Mousse on sale BOGO at $5.99.  I used two $2 manufacturer's coupons to make my final cost 99 cents each.

I spent a total of $5.17 and saved $18.48.

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