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Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Day Yesterday....I think I've been jinxed!

Ever have one of those day where you feel like someone has put a jinx on you?  That was my day yesterday.  It was already full of busy activities with catering for Mike's coffee club and a doctor's appointment.  After dropping the food off at Mike's office and finishing my doctor's appointment, I pick up Ty from the babysitter and we head to Target.  After shopping in Target, I get in my car to find out that it won't start.  Seriously?  A 35 week pregnant woman is not a happy camper sitting in the hot car with a crying 10 month old in the backseat.  I was cramping too much to try and walk back in the store to wait for Mike to pick me up.  This problem also happened to me exactly one month ago.  A Wednesday, Mike's Coffee Club, and a Doctor's appointment but that time it was me stranded in the Office Depot parking lot.  Last month it was the car battery.  Thankfully it was under warranty so the mechanic replaced it for free.    So my sweet husband came and picked me up and brought me home and then he had to go back to work.  We made a trip to Target last night to see what the problem was this time.  We find out that the connections to the battery are corroded.  The parking lot was way too busy to try and fix the car last night so we had to leave the car there last night.

When I got home yesterday afternoon, I find that my Internet and TV had been turned off.  We had bad storms the night before but the Internet had been working earlier that morning so I knew that wasn't the problem.  I called our cable company and they inform me that they will send someone out the next morning.  You forget how addicted you are to the computer and TV when go a day without it.  I'm just glad the Boston Red Sox weren't on TV last night or I would of been even more upset to miss a game. 

Mike headed out to Target at 7 am this morning to try and fix my car.  He only had an hour to work on it before he had to be back at work to meet a client.  It didn't get fixed in an hour so my car is still sitting in the parking lot at Target but hopefully we will be able to finish it tonight and get it back home.  

The cable company repair man comes this morning to tell me that someone had come and shut off our connections yesterday and asked if we had paid our bill.  What?  The bill is automatically drafted each month so it's not a paid bill issue.  He restores the connection but informs me that he won't be able to give us the package we had before unless we pay more money.  I called customer service and they wouldn't budge unless we upgraded our package.  I wasn't about to pay more money for additional stations since we don't watch enough TV.  All I wanted was my Food Network, HGTV, and ESPN stations back.  But it didn't happen.

So now that I've eaten an entire package of Butterfinger 8 pack minis in the last 24 hours and who knows how many cups of sweet tea....I finally calm down.  Life is full of surprises but for me to get upset over losing TV and Internet connections and a minor problem with the car is ridiculous.  There are people that are suffering with bigger crisis such as finding out they have cancer, house being foreclosed on, losing their job, etc.  I had to spend some time this morning refocusing on what really matters in life and adjusting my attitude.  I'm now feeling more positive and realizing that yesterday was just a hiccup in the journey of life.  And yes, for those of you who are wondering, I'm suffering from a major sugar high headache.

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  1. Oh Ash, I had no idea it was that crazy of a day for you!!! =( Should have gotten you 2 packs of Butterfingers!!!!

    Praying that the car gets fixed and you have an amazing rest of the week! Let us know if there is anything we can to help.