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Monday, May 9, 2011

CVS, Walgreens, and Ingles Shopping Trips Week of May 8-14

Oh My Gosh! What a morning!  Ever have one of those days you wake up and think I'm going to run all my errands first thing in the morning and get lots accomplished?  I had all my coupons and shopping list ready to go and everything was in order.  I should of known when Ty started acting up in the first store, CVS, that my plan was failing quickly.  He was a monster and I was searching my purse for anything that would keep him content for 2-3 minutes.  He's at the stage where dropping toys on the floor are a game for him.  Bending over at 35 weeks pregnant is not the easiest thing to do neither does it help a very sensitive bladder.  I should of gone immediately home after CVS but I was too stubborn and had to get all my errands finished.  Oh well, that's life and I'm finally home calming down and cooling off with the A/C turned on high.

Here are the deals I picked up this morning:


They have an awesome sale on cereal this week!!  Buy 4 boxes of selected General Mills cereal and receive $4 off instantly.  I had to buy 5 boxes to make the deal work with my manufacturer's coupon but I still ended up paying $1.27 a box!  Three of these boxes are the family size box.  I bought two boxes of Golden Grahams, two family size boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, and one family size box of Lucky Charms.

Golden Grahams - $2.68 each
Honey Nut Cheerios - $3 each
Lucky Charms $3 each

I used two $1 manufacturer's coupons and one $2 Ingles coupon, combined with the $4 instant coupon.  My total was $6.36 and I saved $12.02.  So far year to date, I've saved $515.89 at Ingles.


I finally remembered to bring in my reusable bag and have them scan my Green Bag Tag.  If you don't already know about this, every time you bring in your own reusable bag, you get 1 point.  After 4 points, $1 ECB will print.  I picked up one of the Green Bag Tags several weeks ago when they were free after ECB's but I kept forgetting to bring it in with me.  Here's the few items I bought today:

Two boxes of Rice Krispies - on sale for $1.97 and I used $1 manufacturer's coupon which made my final cost $1.47 each.

Revlon Makeup Sale - Buy $15 worth of Revlon Cosmetics and receive $7 back in ECB's.  The coupon kiosk is also print $3 off $10 makeup coupon.  I picked up one Revlon foundation and one Revlon eye shadow.  I used two $2 manufacturer's coupon and the $3 CVS coupon.  My final price with ECB's back was $2.84 each.  At first I had it all worked out so I would only be paying under $1 for the makeup but when I checked out the cashier informed me that one of the products was Maybelline and not Revlon.  Ahhh, pregnancy brain fart moment!  So I just ran back to the aisle and grabbed the cheapest thing that I could find that would still work with the deal.

Total spent out of pocket was $1.88, saved $28.61 and received $7 back in ECB's.


I was very excited about the Pampers deal Walgreens has going on this week but unfortunately they were out of the Infant Care booklet which has the Pampers coupons so I couldn't get the deal.  If you happen to have one of those booklets be sure to check out Moneysavingmom.com to read about the great deal on Pampers this week!

Two boxes of Kleenex on sale for 89 cents with in-ad coupon.  I used 50 cents/2 coupon which made each box 64 cents.

One Colgate toothpaste and one Colgate toothbrush - on sale 2/$6 with $4 back in Register Rewards.  I used two $1 manufacturer's coupon so my final cost with Register Rewards back was FREE.
Total spent out of pocket was $5.75, saved $4.98, and received $4 back in Register Rewards to be used on my next purchase.

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