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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Best Shopping Trip to Target in a long time!

I have never been able to print Target coupons from my computer until yesterday.  Not sure what the deal was but yesterday morning I finally got the site to work for me and the coupons started printing.  Yay because there was an awesome deal on hair color this week!

I was super happy with the items I picked up yesterday and my final out of pocket cost.

Two boxes of John Frieda hair color - $11.99 each but when you buy two boxes you receive $5 Target gift card.  I used a Free product coupon along with a $5 manufacturer's coupon and another $5 Target coupon.

One 24 count package of Zantac - $7.21 and I used a $5 manufacturer's coupon combined with a $2 Target coupon to make my final cost 21 cents!
One International Delight Coffee Creamer - $1.79 and I used a Free coupon that was offered on Facebook a couple weeks ago.

One Clorox Bleach on sale for $1.66.
My total out of pocket cost was $5.11 with savings of $36.44!  I also received a $5 Target gift card so really I purchased all these items for a whopping 11 cents!

By the way, I colored my hair last night and I'm in love with the John Frieda Foaming Hair Color.  It worked perfectly and all my gray hairs are gone!

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