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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grocery Trip to Ingles

I made a quick stop at Ingles last night so I could pick up some carrots for our supper.  We've had super simple meals the last couple of days and with the craziness of the week, I haven't even bothered planning a menu.  Mike had a work meeting Monday night so I just fixed myself an omelet and last night I just made a quick tuna macaroni salad for both of us.  Super simple to make and it's great when it's hot outside because you don't have to heat up the kitchen with your oven.  And these days I'm constantly hot.  I'm very thankful Baby G will be here the first of June so I don't have to deal with the hot humid summers we have in SC.

I didn't have time to take a picture of all the groceries last night but here's some of what I picked up:

One Sorrento Ricotta Cheese (2 lb container) normally $5.38 but they were on sale BOGO.  I used $1 coupon to make my final price $1.69.  Mike is super excited to make a special homemade spaghetti sauce using the Ricotta cheese this week.  If he decides to share it with me, I'll post it later on my blog.

One Sorrento Mozzarella Block Cheese - normally $4.68 but they were on sale BOGO.  I used $1 coupon to make my final cost $1.34.

Land of Lakes Butter on sale 2/$6 - I used $1 coupon to make my final cost $2.50 each.  I used to buy butter at Costco but they've gone up recently on their prices on milk and butter so if I can find a great grocery store deal combined with a coupon, I'm now going to just buy the butter at the grocery store.

Reddi Real Whip Cream - on sale $2 and I used a 35 cents coupon which doubled to make my final cost $1.30.  

Rayovac Batteries - on sale for $1 and I used $1 coupon to make my final cost FREE.  Ty now has a mechanical robot that is working again.  I've been waiting for this sale.  :)

I found some chicken breasts on markdown for $1.48 a pound so I picked up two packages. 
I picked up some other items for a couple future meals we are having with company over the weekend.  I spent a total of $29.82 and saved $28.33.

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