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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our huge blessing this week

We had a really awesome blessing this week.  I can't necessarily say we prayed for it but it was something that was on our minds a lot recently and I had been looking on Craig's list to find these items to purchase.  

When Mike has coffee clubs at his office, he has to either rent or borrow chairs so there will be adequate seating for his clients.  Renting chairs can add up quickly and having to constantly borrow can be a hassle especially when you have to pick them up and drop them back off.  Earlier this week he received a call saying there was a company that was refurbishing their office.  They had 9 office chairs that Mike could have if he was willing to pick them up.  We stopped by this company's office yesterday afternoon and not only did they have 9 beautiful well-padded office chairs for Mike, they had a solid wood office desk he could also have!  That was like icing on top of the cake!  We ended up renting a U-haul truck since our little car definitely wouldn't be able to fit these items in it.  It cost us $40 for rental, gas, and mileage on the U-haul but was a blessing to be given such nice office furniture.  

It was a great reminder to us that not only does God provide for our needs, He can surprise us with our wants too!  Take a minute today to remind yourself and thank God for how He has blessed you and your family.

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  1. AWESOME!!! Now that is what I would call a big "purple" flower blessing!!!! =) It will be nice having them on hand for his events; also not having to coordinate pick up and rental will save time and cash. So excited for you guys!