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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CVS Deals Week of March 13-19

I was very happy with my trip to CVS this week.  Here's what I bought this morning:

A whopping $2.75 for all these items!  I love CVS Extra Care Bucks!

Two 16 roll packages of Charmin toilet paper
Two Charmin Freshmates
One Irish Spring Body Wash
Two Gain dish detergent
One Herbal Essence Shampoo
One Herbal Essence Mousse
Two Christophe Shampoo's
One Christophe Conditioner
One Oral B Glide Satin Floss
Two Cadbury Creme Eggs - impulse buy for Mike, they are his favorite.

My favorite deal was the Christophe products.  Those are normally $6.79 a bottle.  They were on sale for $5 each this week and when you bought $15 worth you received $5 back in ECB's.  Last week when I scanned my CVS card at the kiosk, it printed a $3 coupon for one bottle of shampoo.  I used it today so my final cost with ECB's back was $2.33 a bottle! 

My total before coupons and ECB's was $88.40. (that is a lot of money to spend on just 15 items) I spent $24.25 for a total savings of $64.15.  I also received $21.50 back in ECB's to be used on a later purchase.  So I purchased all these items for $2.75 when you include the ECB's I got back!

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