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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Compatibility Board Game

 Next time you have company over for board games, consider playing Compatibility.  It's a great game for couples!  You will either find out that you and your partner clearly think the same way or you will find out that you are the very opposite.

We played this last weekend with some friends and had so much fun.  Mike and I are right about in the middle when it comes to the way we think.  There were some topics that I was like seriously, Mike?  What were you thinking?  LOL  And I'm sure he was thinking the same thing towards me.
The basic rules of the game are players will form pairs and choose from a pack of picture cards (called expression cards) to show what a topic means to them. (topics such as friendship, first date, school, movie star, etc.)  The more matching cards you share with your partner, the more points you receive.  The winner is called Most Compatible Couple!

You can purchase this game on Amazon.com right now for $29.98. 

Have you played this game before?  How did you and your partner do?

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  1. So, we decided that since they say opposites attract, we really were the most compatible couple playing the game. LOL - good excuse for losing, right? Preston came up with that.