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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Benefits of Eating Fresh Fruit

I was making this fruit bowl for Mike's coffee club this morning and Ty was helping me sample each fruit.  His favorite was the strawberries and mine of course are the pineapples.  A really good fresh pineapple is like candy to me.  After making the fruit bowl, I decided to do some research on fruit.  I definitely don't get the amount of fruit in my diet that I need.  Read on for some really important information about eating fruit.

We all know that eating fresh fruit is good for our health.  But did you know we are supposed to have 4-6 servings of fruit a day?  The thought of that much fruit to some of you might have you already start suffering the gastric repercussions like bloating and other symptoms. (no kidding)  There is a proper way to eat fruit so you don't suffer from those symptoms.  Here's some really great facts about eating fruit:

Eat fruit on an empty stomach early in the morning -  it will digest very quickly and even faster without any other food in your stomach.  When eating a meal with fruit, the processed carbohydrates will slow the digestion of fruit.  During digestion, that added fructose (sugar) combined with refined carbohydrates will product more gas, bloating, and indigestion.  ( I totally ruined this step since I fixed biscuits and gravy for breakfast prior to making the fruit bowl.)

Once you've eaten fruit, wait an hour before eating foods containing protein or starch - this will allow the fruit to fully digest and will maximize the benefits of fruit nutrients and vitamins.  

Increased fiber will affect your digestive system - (well duh!)  But your body will eventually start to adjust to the larger amounts of fruit in your diet.  Initially you will be visiting the bathroom a lot more, but give it a week and your body will adjust to the increase amount of fiber.  You will also find that you start to eat smaller meals because you won't be as hungry because that fiber is filling you up.  You will also feel more energetic. Your skin will appear healthier and your hair, nails, and respiratory system will improve. 

Be sure to drink water throughout the day to assist in flushing toxins 
from your body.

So now all of us need to go out and buy some fresh fruit and start eating it the right way.  Let's see the difference it will make in our health. 

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