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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My New Grocery Budget Planning

I've been watching the 31 weeks to a Better Grocery Budget Video series from MoneySavingMom and I'm inspired to do a better job with my grocery budget.  I've always been really good about finding deals and using coupons but I've never set an exact amount of money that I can spend each money on groceries and household items.  So after watching these videos, I'm going to try the $20 per person each week which would make us have a $60 week budget.  I already pulled out the cash I needed for the next two weeks and made my first trip this week to the grocery store.  This morning I paid $51.45 for groceries and saved $47.84 which wasn't too bad since Ty was very cranky and I wasn't feeling the mood to even be in the grocery store.  I have to remember that the $60 a week will go for all groceries, household and personal hygiene items.  I'm really hoping to get our budget down to $40 a week like Crystal does but it will take some time.  It definitely won't happen overnight. 

My next big goal is to be better about menu planning.  With Ty only being 7 months old and only eating baby food, I don't feel the need to have a healthy menu planned every day of the week.  Mike and I have a lot of "You're on Your Own Nights" when it comes to supper.  Once I start menu planning and get better at my grocery shopping, I'm sure we will see a difference in our budget and I'll be able to shoot for the $40 a week mark.

What are you ideas for better budgeting, grocery shopping, and menu planning?  Have you been able to stick with a budget?


  1. Way to go! The biggest tip I have to offer is when you do have a stockpile take a week off from buying groceries (except for the perishables) to save a little extra for that month. It has helped me say "no" to the extras at the grocery store over the past few weeks!

  2. my tip...buy bulk in beans, beans, beans, and rice and find lots of ways to eat that...you could save a lot :)